• Bible Society of India

Bible Society of India

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The Bible Society of lndia (BSI) is a body authorised to translate, produce, distribute and market the Holy Bible. The Central office of the BSI is located at Bengaluru and has a network of fifteen auxiliary offices all over the country with a promotional centre at the Andaman & Nicobar Islands and a translation centre at Shillong.

The object of the society is to encourage the wider circulation of the Holy Bible throughout India. The Bible Society movement started in lndia in the year 1811 at Kolkata to serve the Church and Society as well as its affiliated organisations with a vision to make the Holy Bible available to all people in India.

The translation work of the Bible, which is a priority of the BSI, has been helping in the literacy development in our nation. The BSI holds awareness programmes in partnership with their affiliated organizations in order to help the non-literates to learn languages. The Society has already translated the Holy Bible into 203 languages of our country. Currently, the Society is engaged itself in translation of the Holy Bible into another 102 languages and dialects of our nation. Today the Bible is available in about 1000 languages spoken around the world.

The Bible Society of India is a national, autonomous and independent body. It is a member society of the United Bible Societies (UBS). Bible societies are not affiliated to any one Christian denomination. The United Bible Societies is a World Fellowship of Bible Societies was incorporated in 1946 and BSI was one of its founding members.

For over 200 years, the Bible Society of India has been serving the Indian Churches and society of all ethno-linguistic communities.They work to serve all and develop products and services appropriate to local needs. This includes literacy development programme for those who cannot read, audio-products for those who are visually challenged and for helping people living with HIV/AIDS. The work is often done in partnerships with other Christian NGOs. Special programmes are developed for those with challenges such as women facing domestic violence and children living without parents and people in prison.

Bible Society of India

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