Mary Ward - Loreto Institutions

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Mary Ward, an English Catholic nun, born on 23rd January 1585 at Old Mulwith, Yorkshire.He who founded the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1609 at St Omer in France, also known as the Loreto Sisters .She was declared "Venerable" by Pope Benedict XVI on 19 December 2009; this is the first of three steps on the path to being declared a saint. 

She was the pioneer for the role of women in education. Today, Mary Ward’s teachings and work are being carried on throughout the world. With more than 4000 members branching out on 6 continents, Loreto Institutions are imparting education to more than 70,000 students worldwide. Mary Ward’s vision and way of life was brought to India in 1842. In India, Loreto Sisters care for 1000 of girls across their educational institutions.. They care for the weak, the oppressed and marginalized and provide adult literacy  classes for deprived young women.