A Troubled Credit Society

Postcard # 1 (Sep/42)

Registered Postcard from Tundla (18-SEP-42) to Allahabad

Notice the spellings of Society, Secretary & Allahabad

Affixed with 1 Anna & 3 Annas King George VI stamps on a 9 Pies Postcard

The Honrary Secaretary
Cooprative Socity Ltd

Ref your No CS 501 dt 31-1/42

beg to ask if the socity is

pleased to advance the

loan now which has already

been applied in Dec/40

or if you are willing to return

my full amount which

has been sent for the purpose

in order to disconnect my

relation with the socity

A proper reply or compliance is

requested within a week after

which a legal step will be

taken & the socity will be

held responsible for all my

damages and expenses your self

18-9-42 } Khalil-ul-Rehman