The lost cover ..... not really !

This is a unfranked (no postage paid) cover dispatched from Bara Bazaar, Calcutta in Bengal to, what appears to be, Kalarampur in zilla (i.e. district) Hadotee ( in Rajasthan in September 1912. The cover travelled from Calcutta to Kharagpore (present day Kharagpur) wrongly, returned to Calcutta via Midnapore (present day Midnapur), and finally sent to it's right destination in Kotah.

I would like to thank Mrs. D. M. Pittie who helped me a lot in studying this letter and because of her only I came to know that letter was never lost but got delivered to it's final destination.

Note: Click on image to see a bigger size picture. The cancellations are numbered in the picture.

Front of cover:

1) Bara Bazar / DUE (postage due) One Anna

Back of cover:

1) Posted from Bara Bazar, Calcutta / 18th Sep 1912 / 6.45 PM (?)
2) Wrongly sent to Kharagpur / 20th Sep 1912 / Octagonal UNP (unpaid)
3) Undelivered in Kharagpore / 20th Sep 1912 / This is a double cancellation. I believe the first one was not clear therefore a 2nd cancellation was struck.

5) Returned from Kharagpur / 24th Sep 1912 (See handwritten date '24 9 12' upside down above #6. Text itself is not clear.)
7) Recieved in Midnapore for forwarding to Calcutta / 25th Sep 1912 (Receipt ?)

6) Dispatched from Midnapore to Calcutta on the same day / 25th Sep 1912 / DEP (Dispatch)
8) On way back to Calcutta via R.M.S. (Hooghly ?) / 26th Sep 1912
9) Calcutta / 27th Sep 1912 / Boxed DLO (deal letter office) / Again a double cancellation as the first one is light and not clear

4a) Kotah / 1st Oct 1912 / Octagonal UNP (unpaid)
4c) Kotah / 1st Oct 1912 / DEP (dispatch)
4b) Kotah / 1st Oct 1912 / DELY (delivered)